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Thumbnail Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date Accession ID
Bead Strand, Vaseline  Unknown Artist  Glass  1850-1940  2011-69-00754
Beads  Unknown Artist  Glass  20th century  2011-69-00766
Necklace  Unknown Artist  Glass, metal  1900-1930  2011-69-00769
Necklace  Unknown Artist  Glass, Metal  20th century  2011-69-00771
Necklace  Unknown Artist  Metal, Coral  early 20th century - mid 20th century  2011-69-01165
Necklace - Wedding  Unknown Artist  Silver on Copper    2011-69-02734
Neckalce  Unknown Artist  Glass  Early 1900's  2011-69-02731
Necklace  Unknown Artist  Glass, Silver    2011-69-02735
Necklace - "Chachal"  Unknown Artist  Glass  1930  2011-69-02730
Pendant?  Unknown Artist  Conch shell  300-1000 a.d.  2011-69-02685
Necklace  Unknown Artist  Glass, metal, yarn    2011-69-03163
Bead Strand  Unknown Artist  Glass  1950  2011-69-00489
Ear Flare  Unknown Artist  Jade  250 BCE - 1200 CE  2017-186-001
Bead Strand  Unknown Artist  Glass  Early 20th Century  2011-69-00589
Bead Strand  Unknown Artist  Greenstone on Modern restringing  500 BC - 900 AD  2017-153-001
Beads - Vaseline, Trade  Unknown Artist  Glass  late 19th century - early 20th century  2011-69-00789
Beads  Unknown Artist  Glass  20th century  2011-69-01162
Pendant - Shape of Frog     Shell    2012-03-009
Necklace  Unknown Artist  Cobalt blue with coins  1900-1912  2011-69-00588
Necklace, "Chachal"  Unknown Artist  Silver, glass or stone    2015-140-001

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