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Thumbnail Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date Accession ID
Quilt    Cotton    1996-51-001
Jacquard Coverlet    Wool, indigo, madder dyes  1848  2011-45-003
Child's Doll Quilt- Two Sided    Cotton  c. 1880  2012-35-017
Child's Quilt - Known Maker - Brunnell    Cotton on Thick - red print (Batting)  1902 dated  2012-35-022
Charm Quilt Top - Triangles    Cotton  c. 1930s  2012-35-036
Charm Quilt Top - Spools    Cotton  c. 1930s  2012-35-039
Charm Quilt Top - Spools    Cotton  c. 1930s  2012-35-051
Charm Quilt - Two Sided - Baby    Cotton on Very thin (Batting)  1883 dated  2012-35-053
Charm Quilt - Medallion Tree    Cotton on Thin and even (Batting)  c. 1880s  2012-35-054
Charm Quilt - Thousand Pyramids    Cotton  c. 1880s  2012-35-071
Signature Quilt - Appliqued - Boyce, Et Al.    Cotton on Plain white (Backing)  1851 dated  2012-35-143
Signature Quilt - Pieced    Cotton on White (Backing)  c. 1840  2012-35-144
Signature Quilt - Piecework Remembrance Quilt Made for Lizzy Roberts    Cotton on Tan printed (Backing)  1883-1889 (1914) dated  2012-35-155
Signature Quilt - Pieced and Appliqued - Streeper - Irish Chain Quilt    Cotton on Thin and even (Batting) - Plain muslin (Backing)  c. 1860  2012-35-157
Signature Quilt - Pieced - Multi    Cotton on Thin and even (Batting) - Black and white shirting of single check (Backing)  1860 (fabrics 1840s)  2012-35-158
Signature Quilt - Pieced - Anderson    Cotton on Cotton of even thickness (Batting) - Glazed brown print multi-floral design with a stripe pattern Colors are dull medium brown, cream, dull soft green and tan. 22 wide pieces (Backing)  1846 dated  2012-35-159
Signature Quilt - Pieced - Worrest    Cotton on Plain off white (Backing)  c. 1860s  2012-35-161
Signature Quilt Top - Pieced - Worrest    Cotton  c. 1870s  2012-35-162
Signature Quilt Top - Pieced - Worrest    Cotton  c. 1900-20s  2012-35-163
Signature Quilt - Applique - Herron    Cottons on Thin and even (Batting) - White comprised of multiple pieces. (Backing)  1800's  2012-35-164
Signature Quilt - Pieced - Shriver    Cotton on Batting does not go to ends (Batting) - Plain white backing of coarse muslin (possibly done later) (Backing)  1869 dated  2012-35-168
Signature Quilt - Pieced - Page Family    Cotton on Even, Medium weight, Cotton (Batting) - One fabric, orange and cream and two cotton calico print. (Backing)  25-Dec-1900 dated  2012-35-170
Signature Quilt - Pieced - Lee    Cotton on Thin and even (Batting) - Printed patchwork brown and red and white (Backing)    2012-35-175
Signature Quilt - Pieced - Cross    Cotton on Thin and even (Batting) - Muslin (Backing)  c. 1880s  2012-35-176
Signature Quilt Top - Applique - Geatrill Et Al.    Cotton  1911 dated  2012-35-182
Signature Quilt - Drunkards Path - Mary C. Downing    Cotton on Thin (Batting) - Muslin (Backing)  c. 1896  2012-35-185
Signature Quilt Top - Presentation One Patch    Cotton Sateen   1934 dated  2012-35-186
Signature Quilt - Airship - Voorhees    Cotton  on Medium and even (Batting) - Muslin (Backing)  c. 1930  2012-35-187
Signature Quilt Top - Double Irish Chain - Shriver    Cotton  c. 1950  2012-35-188
Signature Quilt Top - Fabric Samples Modern Design - Price    Cotton on None (Batting) - None (Backing)  c. 1930s  2012-35-190
Unique Quilt Top - Fan    Cotton  c. 1930s  2012-35-293
Unique Quilt Top - Fan    Cotton  c. 1930s  2012-35-294
Quilt - New York Beauty    Cotton  1845  2013-54-011
Signature Quilt - Pieced - Adams  Adams, Julia  Cotton on Thin (Batting) - Centennial printed handkerchiefs - Memorial Hall - Four rows of handkerchief yardage - two blue and two red - same print, just different color ways. (Backing)  1878 dated  2012-35-181
Signature Quilt - Pieced - Barnard  Barnard, Louisa  Cotton on Sheer muslin (Backing)  c. 1910  2012-35-183
Signature Quilt  Dorks, Elizabeth (Lizzie)  Cotton on Thin (Batting)  1891 dated  2012-35-169
Signature Quilt - Pieced and Appliqued - Ellison  Ellison, Amanda Grace  Cotton on Thin and even (Batting)  1853 dated  2012-35-174
Signature Quilt - Pieced - Ford/Barston  Ford, Nelly S.  Cotton on Cottons (Batting) - Small print multi colored (Backing)  c. 1850s  2012-35-154
Signature Quilt - Pieced - Foster  Friends of bride and groom  Cotton on Thin and even (Batting)  1846 (Marriage Sept. 1847) dated  2012-35-149
Signature Quilt - Pieced - Guyton/Beatty - Philadelphia Pavement Quilt  Guyton-Beatty, Mary  Cotton on Muslin (Backing)  c. 1840s  2012-35-156
Signature Quilt - Pieced - Mary Marden - Pink Pin-Wheel  Marden, Mary  Cottons, linen  on Thin and even (Batting) - Pieced with several different whites which may be home woven linen. (Backing)  1833 dated  2012-35-173
Signature Quilt Top - Applique - Mulhart  Mulhart, Martha  Cotton  1878 dated  2012-35-167
Signature Quilt - Pieced - Sturgeon Nickols  Nickols, Gertrude Sturgeon  Cotton on Medium (Batting) - White (Backing)  c. 1930s  2012-35-180
Signature Quilt - Pieced - Peterson  Peterson, Hanna  Cotton on Cotton, thin and even (Batting) - More than one fabric used - all bleached - possible sacks? (Backing)  1885 dated  2012-35-166
Signature Quilt Top - Pieced - Smith - Star of Bethlehem  Pickhaver Rogers Smith, Ann  Cotton  c. 1830-40s  2012-35-160
Signature Quilt - String Stars (8 Pointed)  Price, Bessie  Cotton  on Thin and even (Batting) - Muslin (Backing)  c. 1920-30  2012-35-184
Signature Quilt Top - Pieced - Roach  Roach, Harriet  Cotton on Foundation pieced (Batting)  1929 dated  2012-35-179
Signature Quilt - Saw Tooth (Lost Ships-Finley)  Roberts, Hannah  Cotton, linen  on Cotton, thin and even (Batting) - 1 printed cotton of medium scale deep brown ground with flower clusters and blue oral-like filler. Has a smaller piece 6 x 15 of a different print in one corner (Backing)  1845 dated  2012-35-153
Signature Quilt - Embroidered - Schultz  Schultz, Ida M.  Cotton on Thin and even (Batting) - White like front (Backing)  1897 dated  2012-35-177
Signature Quilt - Pieced - Teets  Teets, Cora  Cotton  c. 1920-30s  2012-35-171
String Quilt - Suttles Child's Pillow Cover  Unknown Artist  Cotton on Red and black alt block (Backing)  c. 1890s  2012-35-205B
Child's Quilt - Single Irish Chain  Unknown Artist  Cotton on Thin and even (Batting) - Muslin (Backing)  c. 1850s  2012-35-003
Child's Quilt - French Boutis  Unknown Artist  Cotton - White cotton (Thread) on Thin and corded (Batting)- White - same as front (Backing).  c. 1840-50  2012-35-001
Child's Quilt - Basket with Wheat Print  Unknown Artist  Cotton on No batting- Muslin (Backing)  c. 1870s  2012-35-002
Vest- Child's  Unknown Artist  Cotton on Cotton - back & lining, cotton - pocket lining  Late 1830s - 1840s  2012-35-351
Child's Quilt - Ocean Waves Variation  Unknown Artist  Cotton on Very thin and even (Batting) - Muslin (Backing)  c. 1880s  2012-35-004
Child's Doll Quilt - 4-Patch  Unknown Artist  Cotton on None (Batting) - Wavy striped madder fabric (Backing)  c. 1870s  2012-35-005
Child's Quilt - Embroidery Nursery Rhyme  Unknown Artist  Cotton on Thin and even (Batting) - Muslin (Backing)  c. 1930s  2012-35-006
Child's Quilt -London Roads - Cut Down  Unknown Artist  Cotton on Thin and even (Batting) - Striped white and black and red shirting (Backing)  c.1890s  2012-35-007
Child's Doll Quilt - Yo Yo  Unknown Artist  Cotton  c. 1930  2012-35-008
Child's Quilt - 9-Patch  Unknown Artist  Cotton  c. 1870  2012-35-009
Child's Quilt- Grandmother's Flower Garden  Unknown Artist  Cotton  c. 1930  2012-35-010
Child's Doll Quilt - Periwinkle  Unknown Artist  Cotton  c. 1930  2012-35-011
Child's Quilt - Rolling Star  Unknown Artist  Cotton  c.1875  2012-35-012
Child's Quilt - Tumbling Blocks.  Unknown Artist  Cotton  c.1900  2012-35-013
Child's Quilt - Embroidered Nursery Rhymes.  Unknown Artist  Cotton  c. 1920  2012-35-014
Child's Quilt - Right Triangles.  Unknown Artist  Cotton on Blue paisley back (Backing)  c. 1930  2012-35-015
Child's Doll Quilt - One Patch  Unknown Artist  Cotton on Same gray mourning print as in border (Binding)  c. 1890  2012-35-016
Child's Quilt - French Boutis  Unknown Artist  Cotton  on Thin and even, corded (Batting) - White same as front (Backing)  c. 1840-50s  2012-35-018
Child's Quilt - French Child's Spread  Unknown Artist  Cotton  on None - Woven pieces (Batting)  c. Mid-Late 19th Century  2012-35-019
Child's Quilt - Kings Crown with Printed Patchwork Back  Unknown Artist  Cotton  on None (nothing between the top and bottom layers.)-Printed Patchwork for most of back - along one side is a red polka dot as well as a large rectangle of the polka dot at one corner.  c. 1880  2012-35-020
Child's Quilt - Rail Fence  Unknown Artist  Cotton on Medium and even.-Printed Patchwork  c. 1880  2012-35-021
Cradle/Doll Quilt - Patchwork  Unknown Artist  Cotton, wool  on None (Batting) Variety of mostly blue fabrics  c. 1840-1880  2012-35-023
Child's Quilt - Cotton Crazy Quilt  Unknown Artist  Cotton, rayons or silks on Black and white check (Backing)  c. 1870-1910  2012-35-024
Child's Quilt - Red and White Fox and Geese  Unknown Artist  Cotton on Thin and even (Batting) White (Backing)  c. Late 19th - early 20th Century  2012-35-025
Child's Doll Quilt - One Patch - Double Sided  Unknown Artist  Cotton, rayon on Thin and even (doesn't feel like cotton batting)-Double sided quilt with one patches on both sides.  c. 1920s  2012-35-026
Child's Quilt - Nursery Rhyme Embroidery Blocks  Unknown Artist  Cotton  on Medium heavy quilt (Batting) Muslin (Backing)  c. 1920-1950  2012-35-027
Doll's Quilt - Jack's Delight  Unknown Artist  Cotton  on None (Batting) - but this is a finished quilt - White - light weight fabric possibly a feed sack (Backing)  c. 1920-1950  2012-35-028
Child's Quilt - Red Work Embroidery - Baby  Unknown Artist  Cotton on Thin and even (Batting) White (Backing)  c. 1900s  2012-35-029
Charm Quilt Top - Steaks of Lighting  Unknown Artist  Cotton  c. 1900s  2012-35-030
Charm Quilt Top - Stripy Samples  Unknown Artist  Cotton  c. 1900-1920s  2012-35-031
Charm Quilt - Doll  Unknown Artist  Cotton on Thin (Batting) - Used sheet (Backing)  c. 1930-1940s  2012-35-032
Charm Quilt - 1000 Pyramids  Unknown Artist  Cotton on Thin (Batting) - Simulated patchwork back of 6 pointed stars and hexagons in madder, browns, oranges, reds and shirtings (Backing)  c.1880s  2012-35-033
Charm Quilt - Medallion Rings of Color  Unknown Artist  Cotton on Thin (Batting)  c. 1880s  2012-35-034
Charm Quilt Top - Diamond Star Rings of Color  Unknown Artist  Cotton  c. 1880s  2012-35-035
Charm Quilt - Thousand Pyramids  Unknown Artist  Cotton on Thin and even (Batting)   c. 1900s  2012-35-037
Charm Quilt Top - Medallion Rings  Unknown Artist  Cotton, wool  c. 1890s  2012-35-038
Charm Quilt - Diamond Rail Fence - Wave  Unknown Artist  Cotton on Thin (Batting)  c. 1880s  2012-35-040
Charm Quilt Top - Bricks  Unknown Artist  Cotton, cotton flannel  c.1890s  2012-35-041
Charm Quilt Top - Tiles  Unknown Artist  Cotton, cotton flannel, wool  c.1890s  2012-35-042
Charm Quilt Top - Window Panes  Unknown Artist  Cotton  C1890s  2012-35-043
Charm Quilt - Thousand Pyramids  Unknown Artist  Cotton on Thin and even-  C1870s  2012-35-044
Charm Quilt Top - Light and Dark Zig Zag  Unknown Artist  Cotton  c. 1890-1910  2012-35-045
Charm Quilt Top - Streaks of Lighting  Unknown Artist  Cotton  c. 1890s  2012-35-046
Charm Quilt - Clam Shells  Unknown Artist  Cotton  1910 dated  2012-35-047
Charm Quilt - Two Sided - Mosaic Hexagon Star Medallion  Unknown Artist  Cotton on Thick (Batting) - Plaids, checks and strips create another whole quilt. BB 1327 The Sickle, KC Star 1936 set as BB #150 Bridle Path KC Star 1935 (Backing)  c. 1940 (1880s-1940)  2012-35-048
Charm Quilt - Tumbler Centennial  Unknown Artist  Cotton  1876 dated  2012-35-049
Charm Quilt - Right Triangle Medallion  Unknown Artist  Cotton  c. 1870s  2012-35-050
Charm Quilt - Thousand Pyramids  Unknown Artist  Cotton on Thin (Batting)  c. 1880s  2012-35-052
Charm Quilt Top - Tumbler Rows of Colors  Unknown Artist  Cotton  c. 1880s - 1920s  2012-35-055

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